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Rara Avis – melancholisch und tschechisch – ein Interview

25. Juni 2010

(c) Rara Avis

(c) Rara Avis

Aufmerksamen Lesern des Blogs ist die nachfolgende Band definitiv schon über den Weg gelaufen. Wir reden von Rara Avis, eine frische und beachtenswerte Melancholie-Rock-Band aus Prag. Was im April mit einer Hörprobe begonnen hatte, wird nun mit einem Interview auf akkordarbeit fortgesetzt. Wir wollen nun keine Zeit verlieren (alle wichtigen Informationen könnt ihr dem angesprochenen Artikel entnehmen) und lassen Lukáš, den Bassisten der Band zu Wort kommen. Er musste sich 5 Fragen aus dem altbewährten akkordarbeit-Interview-Fragebogen stellen. Wie er sich geschlagen hat, könnt ihr nun hier lesen. Vorhang auf – der Künstler betritt die Bühne.

akkordarbeit:  You finally released your debut album “The Portrait” in the Czech Republic, off course it is hard to establish a “new” band into an existing market. How the people in your home country react on this release, was there a lot positive feedback?

Rara Avis: Yes, sure the beginnings are not easy, but everyone has to go through this, and so did we. As for reviews, lot of them were published, I did not expect it and lots of them were very positive, which is unusual. We also get positive feedback from fans that heard us playing live or on the record. Of course, you always get hecklers, who seek the reason to dislike our music, but that might be actually good, if you can take a lesson from that.
We are a bit introverted on stage, so you won’t see too many bouncing people at our gigs. For that, there are lots of listening and focused people, which is even better. Of course we are working on enhancing our communication and show skill. Pretty much every day.

akkordarbeit: Comparing the music business of the Czech Republic to the business of Western Europe, you could realize an assimilation, but every country has its own different characteristics. What is the special thing of the Czech music market to your opinion?

Rara Avis: Well, there are not too many labels here. We are signed at X production. They make lots of quality music and talents. You may find other indie labels, but with a smaller field of influence. What is characteristic for CR? If you have lots of contacts, valid contacts, you will succeed easier, but I guess that ain’t that unusual, is it? The Czech music market isn’t that huge, CD’s don’t sell too well, just as in any other part of the world, so in the end, apart from some smaller differences, it is pretty much the same as in western Europe.

akkordarbeit: There will be many steps to take when you start your career. From writing Songs, to recording an album, giving nice gigs and raising your fan base. If you consider all these “obstacles”, what is the reason for Rara Avis to write Music and play live for the people?

Rara Avis: Of course, there will be many steps, and we are making a small one every day. You do get a bit addicted to it. We enjoy to make music, create together and influence each other on the way. Performing it in front of people is the next part of it, see the people who listen, buy a CD, ask us for an autograph and either make compliments or honestly criticise, it’s all an indescribable experience.

akkordarbeit: As a newcomer you have the chance to give a lot support gigs to other “big” bands. If you could choose, which band on the planet you would like to support on a gig and why?

Yes, we were given the opportunity to play with The Cinematics and The Subways in one month. Both gigs were a great experience, for which we are thankful. We were in front of a massive audience and of course we would like to do that again. It was quite an honor for us, to be the support for them. It really was. If I can go over the top, I guess I would like to play with Foals. They seem to really enjoy what they are doing, and they do it very well, as you can hear on “Total Life Forever”, which is a great album by the way. There are lots of band of course, but I won’t write them all down. This is just a “wish” of mine. Nevertheless, I rather strive to achieve this on my own, and deserve appreciation as they do.

akkordarbeit: Off course getting popular is a question of good marketing and advertising. You have now the possibility to describe Rara Avis in 5 different terms. At a glance what is your band/music all about?

Rara Avis: Aggression, harsh, darkness, melancholy and passion. I could render it in these words, but you may make your own opinion by listening to our music.

Wenn ihr nun Interesse an Rara Avis habt, könnt ihr die Band mit dem Kauf ihres Debut-Albums „The Portrait“ unterstützen. Wir wünschen Ihnen auf jeden Fall Erfolg auf ihrem Weg nach oben und hoffen, dass sie auch bald mal in Berlin auf ein Konzert vorbeischauen.

Pozdravy Česká republika a díky za rozhovor
Grüße nach Tschechien und vielen Dank für das Interview

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